US Legislators to discuss need for climate risk disclosure - BlackRock's Big Problem


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    US Legislators to discuss need for climate risk disclosure

    House hearing to address need for public companies to report their impact on the climate crisis and have more transparency for ESG products.

    Washington, DC — This afternoon, the Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship and Capital Markets Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing entitled “Building a Sustainable and Competitive Economy: An Examination of Proposals to Improve Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosures.”

    The hearing will address the need for publicly traded companies to report their business’ impact on global climate change and the risk this poses to their shareholders and the public.

    Ahead of the hearing, our campaign issued the following statement:

    “This hearing is an important step toward holding companies accountable for their role in the climate crisis. Businesses directly causing climate pollution – and institutions providing financing to those companies – must account for their contributions to climate change and how this exposes shareholders and the public to greater risks.”

    “Without stronger requirements for environmental and social governance transparency, companies like BlackRock will be able to continue to mislead investors with so-called ‘climate-friendly’ funds that in reality support dirty industries that put both our planet and their investors’ portfolios at risk.”

    Gabby Brown,