Principles - BlackRock's Big Problem


The BlackRock’s Big Problem Campaign Recognizes That:

Power and privilege can play out in our group dynamics in destructive ways, and we can only identify the ways that power and privilege play out when we are conscious and committed to understanding how white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, heterosexism, and other systems of oppression affect us all.

Therefore, we request that the words and actions of all those participating in our campaign support the inherent value and dignity of everyone.

Specifically, we ask all those participating in our campaign to commit to:

  • Work with the perspective that social, economic, and environmental issues are interconnected and interdependent.
  • Learn about and understand systems of oppression and challenge the power structures that support those systems and create injustices.
  • Examine the resources and privileges we have and utilize them thoughtfully, respectfully, honestly, and transparently.
  • Take responsibility for equalizing power and creating a space where all are encouraged to actively engage, listen, speak, and act with respect.
  • Learn about the histories and struggles of impacted communities and other groups as told by them.
  • Work in solidarity with communities directly impacted by corporate power and the climate crisis.
  • Become better allies by helping to build broad-based movements for environmental, social, and economic justice.
  • Listen to, learn from, and amplify the voices of allies.
  • Support the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing.
  • Engage in nonviolent direct action that, while it may confront, disrupt or disobey situations, institutions, or laws that we oppose as morally unjust, does not inflict violence on people or animals.

Thanks to Rainforest Action Network, the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, and Beautiful Trouble for inspiration for these principles. This network recognizes that this is an evolving process and we therefore encourage and welcome feedback, additions, and further reflections.