People around the world are challenging the power of Big Finance.

Respect Indigenous Rights and Stop Deforestation

BlackRock is a top investor in companies complicit in Indigenous rights violations & deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Indigenous people are key to protecting the Amazon from further destruction. BlackRock must adopt a comprehensive Forests and Indigenous Rights policy now!

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Tell BlackRock: Tiny Steps are Not Enough

BlackRock is starting to get the message on climate, but its small steps are far too timid to make a dent in the biggest crisis facing humanity. Tell BlackRock it needs to take responsibility for the impacts of its investments, and stop investing in fossil fuels like coal, tar sands, Amazon oil and Arctic drilling.

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Big Finance hates when regular people figure out how their industry works. It’s not that hard, but there is a learning curve. These articles will help:

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Take the fight against BlackRock into your community, or online. We’ve got everything you need to join the campaign and make an impact:

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Grassroots groups around the world are building people power to take on the funders of the climate crisis. Live in a key financial center? We’ll hook you up with local groups already active in the fight. No matter where you live, there is likely a fossil bank or investor in your community, and many fights are happening online, all the time.

See and share more photos from recent BlackRock actions around the world at our shared drive.