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Financial giants like BlackRock are not used to the public knowing what they do, much less holding them accountable for the impacts of their investments. Yet, a growing global movement is doing just that.

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BlackRock’s Big Problem is a global network of NGOs, social movements, grassroots groups, and financial advocates that are pressuring asset managers like BlackRock to rapidly align their business practices with a climate-safe world.

Our network includes some of the most effective corporate campaigning groups in the US, UK, Europe, and around the world. We know that only by increasing pressure on customers, employees, peer companies, and in the media will these fossil fuel backers take the bold and visionary steps necessary to save humanity from the climate emergency.

Who we are

Our network includes national and global NGOs that analyze complex problems and advocates for solutions.

Grassroots action partners

We also work with grassroots groups in key financial capitals around the world including:

Climate Finance Action

Boston based CFA combines people power with financial industry expertise to ensure that public officials are holding the funders of the climate crisis accountable.

New York Communities for Change

NYCC is one of the largest grassroots, community-based organizations in New York. They are active on BlackRock, JP Morgan Chase, and many others.

Break Free Switzerland

Part of a diverse coalition of Swiss organizations, Break Free challenges banks, asset managers, and others to divest from fossil fuels.


BlackRock's Big Problem is an open source network of national, local and international NGOs, grassroots community groups, and other allies. While we work to share information and resources across the network, we are not responsible for the positions and actions of individual network members, nor are individual network members responsible for the actions of other network members