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People around the world are challenging the power of Big Finance.

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Email BlackRock to demand it drives down emissions ASAP

If BlackRock was truly on the pathway to zero emissions, it would stop investing in fossil fuel companies and companies that drive deforestation; you can't solve a problem while also actively making it worse. Email BlackRock today to urge it to drive down emissions ASAP.

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Fill out this form if you're interested in getting more involved with the BlackRock's Big Problem Campaign. No matter where you live or what level of involvement you're thinking, there's room in our network for you.

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Join the #LifeAtBlackRock Instagram Storm

BlackRock uses its heavily curated IG account @BlackRock and the hashtag #LifeatBlackRock to portray themselves as a good company with great values. This action is to disrupt that perception and help BlackRock understand that the public is watching.

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Tweet at BlackRock to tell it to stop investing in fossil fuels and companies that drive deforestation

BlackRock is one of the world’s largest investors in climate destruction. Despite this, the firm tries really hard to use green marketing campaigns to paint itself as climate-conscious. We have the power to disrupt that perception. Use this quick form to send a tweet to BlackRock pointing out its climate failings and urging it to act.

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Help bring BlackRock's google rating down

This action is to show clients and investors visiting the New York office that BlackRock has major work to do on its climate commitments.

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We are growing a community of people ratcheting up action against the funders of climate chaos. Contact us and we’ll connect you with others dedicated to climate finance action and offer training, tools, and community.


Big Finance hates when regular people figure out how their industry works. It’s not that hard, but there is a learning curve. These articles will help:

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Take the fight against BlackRock into your community, or online. If you'd like to print signs or banners for a rally in your community, fill out our 'sign up to do more' form and someone from our team will reach out with resources.

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Climate activists all around the world are realizing that asset managers like BlackRock are worthwhile targets, and more and more local climate action groups are targeting them. Whether you're an individual activist or a leader of a climate action group, fill out this form and we'll follow up with relevant info for how you can get more involved.

See and share more photos from recent BlackRock actions around the world at our shared drive.