The Problems - BlackRock's Big Problem


Our future is burning

BlackRock is the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels. With a $10-trillion-dollar portfolio, it invests billions in coal, oil, and gas, including tar sands and Arctic oil. Yet, the truth is indisputable: to maintain a habitable planet we must cut global emissions in half within this decade. That means we can’t afford to keep pumping money into fossil fuels.


Forests are disappearing

BlackRock is also the world’s largest investor in forest destruction, including in the Amazon Rainforest. Forests are massive biodiversity hubs and carbon sinks, and we can’t solve climate change without protecting what’s left. Behind nearly every company that cuts and burns forest for profit, you’ll find BlackRock.

Rights Violations

People are suffering

Climate chaos threatens the ecosystems we all depend on. For too long, Indigenous peoples have been ignored and their rights demeaned by companies that profit from destruction of Indigenous traditional lands. BlackRock’s corporate policies must address the non-negotiable rights of traditional landowners, local communities, and Indigenous peoples.


These activities drive the climate crisis, which threatens life on earth as we know it. Despite big promises from CEO Larry Fink, BlackRock continues to pour money into companies that endanger our planet.

The Solutions

A new standard for sustainable finance

BlackRock has the power to be a visionary climate leader. Change is possible – and bold action must begin now. It’s time for BlackRock to take responsibility for the impact of its investments and protect our communities, our economy, and our assets.


Answers to common questions about how BlackRock and the finance industry fuel climate change and environmental destruction.

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