Here's what 40,000 youth shouting at BlackRock looks like - BlackRock's Big Problem


  • Here’s what 40,000 youth shouting at BlackRock looks like

    On the historic day that saw 4M people march for climate around the world, youth strikers in San Francisco stopped outside BlackRock's office to chant "Shame on you", and worse.

    On Friday a record 4,000,000 + were out in the streets in nearly every country on earth demanding urgent action on the climate emergency. Marches in Sydney, Germany, London broke new records for turnout, and thousands of other cities and towns participated as part of the Global #ClimateStrike.

    In San Francisco, a crowd estimated to be 40,000 strong of mostly youth and their allies took the streets of the financial district. One of the main stops on their march was the offices of the world’s biggest investor in fossil fuels, including coal, oil and gas, and deforestation: BlackRock.

    These kids are smart: they know it’s not just the fossil fuel companies pushing us to an uninhabitable world, it’s the financiers behind them demanding never-ending growth on a finite planet. They demanded BlackRock stop driving the climate crisis and invest in their future instead.

    While outside the office, thousands shouted “shame on you” (twitter video) and chanted “BlackRock how much do you earn while the Amazon burn”.

    Here’s a powerful video of the chanting, led by Indigenous peoples, at their front entrance:

    At one point in the rally youth could see BlackRock employees watching from their tower above. That’s when the middle fingers, and other creative chants we won’t re-print here, came out.

    BlackRock: the next generation of leaders is watching you, and they’re mad as hell that you’re profiting off of the destruction of their future.

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