• Fink confronted by activists just before receiving good guy award

    Activist outside BlackRock building

    Larry Fink was about to receive a “humanitarian of the year” award from an international charity. We asked him some tough questions about what being a humanitarian truly means.

    BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink was just given a major humanitarian award from an international disaster relief charity. But his company owns more fossil fuels than anyone else on earth – more coal, oil and gas, and rainforest destruction than any other firm.

    BlackRock is the biggest driver of climate destruction on the planet. Its investments are creating more extreme weather events, climate-related disasters, and refugees. How is that humanitarian behavior exactly?

    So we gave him a better award: Climate Fraud of the Year. We first tried to present it to him at his New York headquarters but couldn’t get a meeting. But we found him right as he was about to enter a fancy hotel ballroom for his moment of glory.

    His reaction was priceless (in case you can’t tell, he ran and hid from us in a bathroom!).