Direct action hits San Francisco, NY, Washington BLK offices (again) - BlackRock's Big Problem


  • Direct action hits San Francisco, NY, Washington BLK offices (again)

    Groups as diverse as student strikers, Hollywood actors, and parents with babies led actions at BlackRock offices across the country Friday. Many aimed to block entrance to employees.

    Photo of direct action at BlackRock offices

    As the US saw student-led climate strikes again cross the country, many actions stopped or started at the world’s biggest investor in fossil fuels.

    In New York, a sub-group of the Sunrise Movement called “Sunrise Kids”, supported by many others, held a Play-In for Climate Justice in front of BlackRock’s main headquarters. Kids spoke out about their future and asked for a meeting with Larry Fink. Ignored, of course.

    In San Francisco, hundreds of people from a huge coalition of groups showed up in support of youth leaders who were also demanding a meeting with BlackRock leadership. When the youth weren’t even allowed in the lobby to request the meeting, allies blockaded the main entrance as a massive rally continued out front.

    And back in Washington D.C., a new group called Fire Drill Fridays with Jane Fonda along with Shut Down DC and many other allies had a day of protest against the main financiers of climate change. They started their march at BlackRock, whose offices were blocked as well.

    These actions come only a few weeks after BlackRock’s second biggest office in London was blocked for 4 hours, while XR activists in Munich took the campaign to Germany for the first time.

    This escalating pressure shows how more of the movement are making the connections between the climate emergency and those funneling billions into making it worse. It’s also having a huge impact.