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BlackRock invests in climate destruction

The climate crisis threatens life as we know it. We all face a global emergency, but the finance industry has the power to lead the change we need.

BlackRock is the world’s biggest asset manager, with USD $8.5 trillion in assets under management. It’s also one of the world’s top investors in climate destruction.

With power comes responsibility

Global asset managers, like BlackRock, supply fossil fuel companies with a steady stream of capital. They also invest heavily in companies driving deforestation and back firms that undermine Indigenous rights. Asset managers that continue to fund the climate crisis face exponential risks, both environmental and financial. That’s BlackRock’s Big Problem.

The solutions are bold, but possible

BlackRock must stop funding destruction and start leading sustainable finance. We know a full transformation of the financial system can’t happen overnight, but immediate, decisive action is our only chance for a viable future.

Big talk.
Little action.

In 2020, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink publicly committed to change. We applaud the company’s first steps toward sustainability, but tiny shifts won’t solve our global crisis.

BlackRock is still the world’s number-one investor in fossil fuels and it's still heavily invested in coal. The company has made little progress on deforestation and human rights. Fink has the power to be a true visionary, but BlackRock must take responsibility for the impact of its investments, and act now to dramatically reduce negative climate impacts.


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Who we are

We are a global network of NGOs, social movements, grassroots activists, finance researchers, and shareholder advocacy organizations. We’ve come together to push asset managers like BlackRock to align their business practices with climate solutions, instead of continuing to fund climate destruction.


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