ACTION: Join the #LifeAtBlackRock Instagram Storm - BlackRock's Big Problem

ACTION: Join the #LifeAtBlackRock Instagram Storm

#LifeAtBlackRock Instagram Storm Instructions

BlackRock uses its heavily curated IG account @BlackRock and the hashtag #LifeatBlackRock to portray themselves as a good company with great values. This action is to disrupt that perception and help BlackRock understand that the public is watching.

Step 1: Head over to the @BlackRock IG account and follow it. BlackRock has limited comments on its posts to only those who follow their page, so you’ll need to follow to be able to comment. We recommend commenting on their most recent post, as the more recent ones are more likely to show up in their followers’ news feeds, exposing them to our comments. Make sure not to comment anything directed at specific people featured in the posts; keep your comments about the actions of BlackRock’s leadership and board members. It’s most impactful to draft your own comment calling out BlackRock’s hypocrisy, but feel free to use or work from our sample comments below. It’s also helpful if you tag @BlackRocksBigProblem in your comment so folks can click the link to that account to find out more info about why BlackRock is problematic on climate. 

Sample comments:
BlackRock loves to tout sustainability claims publicly, but its actions on climate change do not match its rhetoric. Posts like this about how wonderful it is to work there are empty as long as BlackRock continues to be the top investor in climate destruction. @BlackRocksBigProblem

Tiny incremental steps on climate and feel-good instagram posts are not enough given the urgency of the climate crisis. BlackRock must take meaningful action on climate change. @BlackRocksBigProblem

Cool performative instagram account, BlackRock! How about you use your power to take meaningful action on climate change. Fluffy instagram posts and talk from Larry Fink aren’t enough to combat the urgency of the climate crisis. @BlackRocksBigProblem

BlackRock is the world’s largest investor in climate destruction and is a huge contributor to the climate catastrophe. Shame on BlackRock; the time is now for meaningful action. @BlackRocksBigProblem

Step 2:  Follow @BlackRocksBigProblem and @Stopthemoneypipeline on Instagram to stay up to date on future instagram actions and climate finance news.