ACTION: Help bring BlackRock's google rating down - BlackRock's Big Problem

ACTION: Help bring BlackRock’s google rating down

UPDATE: September 30, 2021

Thanks to you all, the Google rating for BlackRock’s NYC office is now down to 2.5 stars, down from 3.7 when the action started. We couldn’t do this without you! Check out this screenshot of the most common keywords of BlackRock’s google reviews.

Now, we’re setting our sights to another BlackRock location on Google Maps: BlackRock’s San Francisco office.


This action is to show clients and investors visiting the New York office that BlackRock has major work to do on its climate commitments.

Leave a review using Google Maps

  • Only those with a Google account can leave reviews on Maps.
  • To leave a review scroll down (past the photos) to the posted reviews. 
  • Click on Write a review and get started. 
  • Click on the icon to add an image.

Link to BlackRock’s SF Office on Google Maps  

BlackRock’s San Francisco location is where many key decisionmakers work. We want to make sure that anyone having meetings with their staff understands that BlackRock is heavily investing in climate destruction. It’s most impactful to draft and leave your own review pointing out BlackRock’s hypocrisy, but if you’d like, you can use some sample reviews here. We recommend changing a few words or punctuation from these to make sure they are not removed by Google’s spam filters: 

  • BlackRock claims to offer community spaces for the public, but it continues to invest in the destruction of our climate and deforestation that harms indigenous people and lands. BlackRock must meaningfully commit to combatting climate change; one star until it removes big oil tycoons from its board and starts acting in a way that matches its climate rhetoric. 
  • A company cannot be sustainable if it also invests heavily in deforestation and consistently funds the climate crisis. BlackRock can keep its ‘community spaces’ until it actually listens to communities who are impacted by climate destruction.
  • Spaces like this are a performative attempt for this company to claim that it cares about people while it continues to invest in climate destruction, particularly in deforestation that impacts indigenous people. Shame on BlackRock.


By using your own Google accounts for reviews, you may lose privileges or be removed from the review sites because of the content of your messages. Therefore, if your own account is important to preserve to continue to use for reviews, we recommend creating a new account.