ACTION: Don't let BlackRock get away with Backsliding on climate - BlackRock's Big Problem

ACTION: Don’t let BlackRock get away with Backsliding on climate

A black and white image of a rockslide over a coastal road with the words BlackRock's Big Backslide overlaid.
For the past few years, BlackRock has been making slow but critical progress on taking accountability for its role in the climate crisis, thanks to the steadfast efforts of advocates across the world urging the firm to do better. Because of this progress, BlackRock is now facing backlash from the anti-climate lobby and seems to be backsliding on key climate commitments and rhetoric. We can’t let BlackRock’s leadership get away with this. Help us make as much noise as possible online to remind BlackRock that the climate crisis is too urgent for the firm to waste time trying fruitlessly to placate all sides. 

We’ve built out two different version of this action; one with specific messages that apply if you are a BlackRock customer, and one with more general messages that anyone can tweet. (FYI: we do not and will never ask for proof of anyone’s customer status or any personal info about your account; the two versions are simply to give folks who are customers a chance to tweet from that perspective specifically.) 

Click on the version best applies to you to get started!

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